Accidental Injury

In the event of an accident or illness which warrants sending the child home, the following procedure will be used:

  1. Care for the child,  First Aid if necessary
  2. Call 911 if necessary
  3. The parent will be called at work or home(emergency numbers)
  4. In the event the staff is unable to locate a parent or emergency back-up, we will use our discretion in contacting the child’s doctor, or hospital listed in the child’s enrollment form.
  5. Write a written report “OUCH REPORT” and record the information on the illness and accident report ledger.

In the event the child does not need to go home:

  1. Care for the child; administer first aid if necessary
  2. Talk to the child to make sure the child is feeling okay.
  3. Give lots of TLC
  4. Write an “OUCH REPORT”

Should emergency care be needed at the center , the following procedure will be used:

Care for child; administer CPR OR FIRST AID, if necessary

  1. Call 911 as quickly as possible after caring for child
  2. Call Parents
  3. Write a report

In the event a parent is not able to ride in the emergency vehicle to the hospital with the child, a staff member will accompany the child to the hospital and stay with them until a guardian has arrived.

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