Diapering with infants, waddlers and toddlers

Diapering takes place in our center's children's bathroom and in the designated areas in our infant and waddler rooms. No child is left unattended while having his/her diapers changed. We have diaper checklists posted in the children's bathroom for the toddlers and next to the changing tables in the infant and waddler rooms . We keep a log of your child's bathroom activity during the time of their stay at the center, while they are in diapers. Diapers are provided by the families. Both cloth and disposable are allowed. Diapers are stored in the bathroom above the changing area with a name tag posted so each child has her/his own space to have his/her diapers. Diaper ointment can be used as long as we have written parent permission, on a medical permission form provided. For those families with cloth diapers, we are required to send everything home with you that your child expels in a sealed plastic bag which will be kept in your child's zipped bags unaccessible to your child. Infant, waddlers and toddlers will be changed approximately every two hours or more as needed, and checked on a regular basis. Sanitary and Safety measures are followed at all times.


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