Disaster Plan

In the event of a disaster, Agape Childcare Center will remain at the center unless we are unable to; in that event, we will be at Loyal Heights Elementary School. We will do our best to call all families to let them know how each child is, but our responsibility is to keep the child safe, unharmed and comforted. Agape Childcare has bottled water available, and we have access to the emergency trailer at Loyal Heights Elementary School in case of an emergency. We will have radios, if available, turned to KIRO 710 AM or KOMO AM.

The childcare staff will care for your child until you or your designee is able to reach them. Be sure to keep your child’s emergency release card updated. Children will only be released to those specified by you on their card. We will also utilize the phone numbers on the emergency release cards should we need to relocate to our alternate site. Please have an out-of-state number if available so we may contact someone there to leave a message; if local lines are extremely tied up, it may be easier with out-of-state lines (100 miles plus away). Remember please do not phone the childcare center, the lines will be needed for emergency purposes and we will try to contact you.

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