Holiday Policy

Holiday activities at Agape Childcare Center may be as simple as sharing an informative, age appropriate book about a certain holiday or celebration or as elaborate or in depth as having a party with music, food, decorations and guests. Activities often involve a discussion about how some families celebrate the holiday in general. Often we will read a book that is age appropriate to help us introduce a holiday and to also promote discussion among the group, as well as to encourage any questions that anyone may have.

Goals and Functions of Holidays

  1. To have fun.
  2. To promote a feeling of self-esteem.
  3. To learn about different traditions and holidays.
  4. To learn about diversity and encourage thinking about and acting upon unfairness and biases.
  5. To help teach about the seasons of the year and to mark time.
  6. To build a sense of community, family and togetherness at Agape.
  7. To provide accurate information about holidays in a developmentally appropriate manner.
  8. To validate and to make “real” the children’s ways of celebrating and their family traditions.
  9. To expose us all to unfamiliar holidays as well as the ones more familiar and to learn that we celebrate even the same holidays in many different and unique ways.

The exact amount of time we will spend on holidays will vary. The curriculum at Agape is reflective of the children’s interests.

Decisions about which holidays will be included will be made throughout the year as new families enter the center and as they leave.

Plan for Working With Children and Families Who Don’t Celebrate Holidays

We also know that it is some family’s preference not to celebrate holidays at all. In this situation, we will meet with the parents/guardians to find a solution that will meet their family’s needs.   

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