Health and Illness Policy

To maintain the highest possible standards relating to the health and safety of the children enrolled at our center, the following guidelines have been formulated for the staff and families. If, at times, this causes some inconvenience to either a staff member or a parent, we ask your tolerance in our effort to protect all the children and maintain a safe environment for them.

Washington State Law requires certain immunizations and a physical exam within one year prior to enrollment at the Center.  Proof of full immunizations may be made by completing the “CERTIFICATE OF IMMUNIZATION STATUS” form.  This form is required before admission or on the child’s first day of attendance.

Colds and other viral illnesses are common among children and, indeed, it is only through exposure to them that children build up a healthy immune system.  A person in the incubation stage of most common illnesses will be spreading the virus from one to three days before any symptoms of the illness appear.  Therefore, children with non-serious communicable diseases (colds, mild fever if under 100 degrees. mild respiratory illness) may attend the center as long as they  can be managed comfortably and want to be part of the program.

Children should NOT attend the center when:

  1. The child is obviously distressed, appears very uncomfortable, or cannot be managed.
  2. The child’s temperature is over 100 degrees F.  At this time, the temperature needs to be monitored more closely than can be done practically at the center. Exceptions to this must be noted by a physician on the child’s enrollment form.
  3. The child has strep throat, pinkeye (conjunctivitis), diarrhea (2 or More within 24 hours), vomiting (3 or more within 24 hours)
  4. The child is contagious with chicken pox, lice or nits, scabies, ringworms, etc

You will be notified if there has been an exposure to any contagious disease at the center.

In the event a child becomes ill while at school we will use the following procedure:

  1. Care for child
  2. Isolate the child in the cubby area and a teacher will stay with the child until a parent or guardian comes to pick up the child
  3. Call parents for pick-up
  4. We encourage parents to arrange for children to be at home at least one day following illness to insure wellness
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