Meals Served

Tuition includes breakfast (7:00 - 8:30 a.m.), snacks (10:15 and 4:00), and milk provided at lunch (12:00 p.m.) for all children 12 months through 5 years old. Those children who have more than 9 hours of care will be allowed a late afternoon snack (if needed). Please inform us in writing of any foods your child cannot or should not eat for any reason, on an Individual Care Plan. It is very important for families to provide a well-balanced lunch for your child, if we find that it does not meet the child's needs we will supplement their lunch and charge a fee. Please feel free to ask for lunch ideas for your child we have many wonderful handouts!

Whole Milk is provided for children 12 months - 2 1/2, unless parent has a preference.

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