Pesticide Policy

Agape Childcare Center is pesticide free. In the event, if we ever need to use a pesticide, we will post a sign to let each person know 48 hours before application. The sign will have the name of the pesticide, the date, the time and location of the application, the pest to be controlled, and a contact name and telephone number. The sign will remain up for 24 hours. 

We are dedicated to using the least amount of chemical control of pests in our program in order to provide the healthiest environment possible for our children. In order to control pests at Agape Childcare Center:

We attempt to prevent infestation by: 

  • Taking trash out daily (or more often)
  • Cleaning trash cans regularly
  • Keeping trash cans or dumpsters covered near buildings
  • Keeping ground clear of food and rubish
  • Storing food in sealed plastic containers or metal containers
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all dishes, utensils and surfaces used for eating or food preparation after meals and at the end of the day
  • Preventing pest entry into facility by sealing cracks and holes, using and reparing window screens or door sweeps
  • Moisture control by maintaining plumbing and water drainage system
  • Mechanically managing weeds
  • Planting native vegitation that is non toxic

We shall keep all records of pesticide application in the event we ever need to use them. 

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