Here are what folks are saying about us...

Nancy Tate

"Taking my children to Agape is like dropping them off with family. Linda has created a loving and nurturing place—something I haven’t seen in any other center. And the turnover is practically nonexistent."

Warren Ethridge

"When we first looked at different schools, we felt like Goldilocks; that one was too sterile, the next too sloppy. Agape was just right. My daughter instantly bonded with the place. At their annual picnic, I realized we weren’t the only ones. Even older kids returning years later still clearly felt a connection."

Robin Gilbert
Former Agape Employee

"What amazes me about Linda is how much time she spends painting, cleaning and organizing. She puts so much time, effort and money back into Agape. I think that is rare in childcare. She loves the kids and does all she can to make the school better."

Katie Bunn-Marcuse

"Beyond their confident and calm way of engaging with kids at all different levels, I appreciate Agape's focus on respect for others and self-sufficiency. As a first-time parent who thought her young child couldn't possibly dress himself yet, I learned a few things."

Colleen and Lee Ann

You create such a wonderfully nurturing, enriching atmosphere - a place for our son to be loved. We know he is safe and happy and thriving with people who care about him as a person. You truly create a community there and we are happy to be a part of it.

Jean Oplinger

"I feel fortunate that my kids went to Agape. Linda and crew provided our children with a playful and safe learning environment full of creativity to satisfy body, mind and spirit. My kids are now ages 8 and 11 and I attribute much of their current self-confidence to the environment and interactions they had at Agape."

Karen Dugan

"Who my kids spend time with is really important to me. Our draw to Agape was Linda. It’s not just a daycare or a preschool. They really try to build a community around Agape. She also sets a good example with her active and healthy lifestyle."

Alice Skipton

"What impresses me most about Agape is the fact that, more often than not, the kids don’t want to go home at the end of the day. It’s the ultimate litmus test."

Sheila Boddy

"My daughter attended Agape for nearly four years.  Linda and her team do a fantastic job of making sure all the kids are well taken care of, are continually learning, and have a really good time.  Most importantly, every child at Agape knows they are loved!  Agape gave my daughter a solid and happy foundation."

Mary Palmer

"I have a Montessori right next door to my work.  Sometimes the kids will be outside playing and I'll stop to listen to them.  Today was one of those days.  There was a kid crying under the play structure and the people who work there were just sitting like lumps on a log.  I just wanted to write and tell you all how much I appreciate you!  I am so grateful that you all care for our children like they are your own.  I am so glad that whenever I pick up my daughter she is happy and the other kids at Agape are happy.  I LOVE IT!"


I love that my son wants to go to school each day. I love how he gives hugs and goodbyes at the end of each day. I love the things that he learns at school and then teaches me. I also love all the messy art activities you do with him so that we don't have to!


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